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We might go out tonight. Kung saan? Still not decided where. It’s just that lately masyado kaming nate-tension sa bahay. There is (or maybe… are?) a BAD ENTITY surrounding the area and if we stay home, I might lose patience and kick her ass! If only I don’t have respect for people older than me. Considering that her already-married-and-not-Filipino (illegal?) partner here is nice to us, it’s just so sad that compared to that guy our own KABAYAN can be so selfish and rude towards her own race which is by the way from my own city back home. That I’ve learned from one guy who’s working in the same company as the Egyptian guy.

For a week or two, I kept calm and just tried to adjust on her ways of showing her irritation towards us. We don’t even have a single clue why she’s acting like that and keep on saying nasty words indirectly. Coward that she is, she is just talking cheap. She should have slapped our face with those words. She’s also banging all things that touched her hands. She’s nagging like a crazy dog! I can’t understand what we did for her to act so rude to us. Ang babait at tahimik lang naman namin.

So God forgive me if I can’t contain the hatred anymore and did to her the troubles she’s giving us. I did not confront her kasi she’s just indirectly telling us what she don’t want us to do. I did the same thing as what she is doing. If she reacts, then it means she’s guilty.

Pero minsan tinatawanan na lang namin ang ka-malditahang ginagawa nya hahahaha! Pero kainis talaga!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr! I don’t know if I need to be specific sa pagkukwento kasi ang daming details… waaaaaaaahh! I want to shift!


4 thoughts on “palamig

  1. We all have one or two people like that in our lives, so don’t worry about it 😀 It’s ok to feel the way you feel 🙂 And you’re right. Go out and have fun and forget about the witch.

    By the way, do swing by I, Woman coz I’d love to know your thoughts on my latest post.

    Thanks for visiting A Pinay In England and leaving your comments.

    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman
    Norwich Daily Photo

    Rhapsody: doc joy, bakit parang may password pa na hinihingi pag magco-comment sa site mo?

  2. Baka nadya-job-burn-out? Or most likely, has a lot of insecurities with her “relationship” with the guy.

    Sana may mas matandang magsabi sa kanya (sana nandyan ako 😆 joke). Kung makikinig sya o hindi, that’s another issue… she’s accountable for her own life, matanda naman na sya. 😦

    Rhapsody: ndi naman cguro insecurities.. mejo naging ok na siya sa amin nung paalis na kami 😀

  3. its morphing time! hahaha.
    rhapsody, ganyan talaga at maraming kabayan na pasaway. pagbigyan mo na at ganyan talaga ang tumatanda. hahaha.

    Rhapsody: hay oo nga sana bago sila mag-astang ganyan eh kausapin nila ung kinaiinisan nila… mejo peace na kami 🙂

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