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Goodbye Heath

Sumakit bigla ang ulo ko at nalungkot ako sa nalaman ko. Iniwan na ako ng long time crush ko. Ito ang bumungad sa Yahoo News.

Heath LedgerHeath’s body taken out from his Manhattan apartment

NEW YORKHeath Ledger, the talented 28-year-old actor who gravitated toward dark, brooding roles that defied his leading-man looks, was found dead Tuesday in a Manhattan apartment, facedown at the foot of his bed with prescription sleeping pills nearby, police said.

There was no obvious indication that the Australian-born Ledger had committed suicide, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

Ledger had an appointment for a massage at the SoHo apartment that is believed to be the home of the “Brokeback Mountain” actor, Browne said. The massage therapist and a housekeeper found his naked body at about 3:30 p.m. They tried to revive him, but he was already dead.

Hindi ko matanggap kasi unang una ang bata pa niya. Tapos crush na crush ko talaga siya lalo na sa isang film niyang ‘A Knight’s Tale.’ Kawawa din ang baby niya kay Michelle Williams na si Matilda na ngayon ay 2 years old pa lang. Sabi naman nila adik daw siya. Hmmm. Nasobrahan lang naman yata ng sleeping pills eh. I will surely miss this handsome face, pero we’ll definitely see him in the film The Dark Knight mid of the year where Heath plays as the Joker.

Films and TV series he appeared on:

  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) (filming)
  • The Dark Knight (2008) (post-production)
  • I’m Not There. (2007)
  • Candy (2006)
  • Casanova (2005) // Philippine title : Femur
  • Brokeback Mountain (2005)
  • The Brothers Grimm (2005)
  • Lords of Dogtown (2005) //Philippine title : American Knights
  • The Order (2003)
  • Ned Kelly (2003) // Philippine title : Ned Kelly: Public Enemy No. 1
  • The Four Feathers (2002)
  • Monster’s Ball (2001)
  • A Knight’s Tale (2001)
  • The Patriot (2000)
  • “Roar” (13 episodes, 1997-2000)
  • Two Hands (1999)
  • 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
  • “Home and Away” (1988) TV series
  • Paws (1997)
  • Blackrock (1997)
  • “Sweat” (1 episode, 1996)
  • “Ship to Shore” (1993) TV series
  • Clowning Around (1992)

18 thoughts on “Goodbye Heath

  1. ate rapsody… happy bithday!!!! hehehe pakanton k ska pahipon.. yahoo..

    Rhapsody: uy tapos na un nung december pa hehehe.. pero thank you tlga… cge ipagluluto kita ng canton… ano gusto mo hot chili with calamansi or original flavor?

  2. “Hey There Delilah”
    you said that you like this song. Do you know the story behind the song?

    Rhapsody: yeah i like the song but i don’t really know the story behind it but i think it’s about admiring or loving someone you can’t actually be with…

  3. the song was inspired by and written for a real person, her name is , of course Delilah. Delilah De Crescenzo was a graduate student at Columbia and training for the olympics as a steeplecahse runner when the leaders of Plain White Ts band leader Tom Higgenson met her. He immediately fell for her and, to impress her, told her that he already had a song written for her. At that time, there was still no song, of course. He was just trying to be cool. She was friendly but wasn’t interested because she was already in a relationship. A year later he wrote the song anyway. It became a big hit.But the relationship between the singer and the muse was non-existent (although the song would like you to believe that it was there). It was played everywhere. It played in the cafeterias where she ate and in the swimming pools and gyms where she trained. She had ambiguous feelings when she heard the song. On one hand she wanted to shout to the world that the song was written for her, but sometimes she just wanted to hide, especially since there was nothing between her and Higgenson. Tom couldn’t complain too much of course, the song is his band’s biggest hit. But still, it would have been nice if…

    But it’s not a perfect world…

    Rhapsody: that was sweet! 😀 kakakilig naman tlga heheh. I wish some cute singer would do the same thing for me. hahaha… yeah it’s nice if she ends up falling for him also, like in movies… 😉

  4. aaah…
    but some songs have no ending and hope does spring eternal

    in December 2007 about four years after the fateful meeting that spawned the song, “Hey There Delilah” was nominated for two Grammy’s: best song of the year and best performance by a group.

    the 2008 Grammys ceremony is to be held on Feb 10, 2008 in Los Angeles California.

    last week, just before leaving on a european tour with his band, Tom left a message on DeCrescenzos voice mail asking her if she would come with him to the Grammys. She also read online that he planned to invite her to the ceremonies.

    this time she accepted the invitation.

    they still don’t know each other, but on Feb 10 they will have their first date.

    and it’s going to be a very high-profiled one.

    Rhapsody: I wonder how her boy reacted on that…

  5. Hey There Delilah
    by Plain White Ts

    Hey there Delilah
    What’s it like in New York City?
    I’m a thousand miles away
    But girl tonight you look so pretty
    Yes you do
    Time Square can’t shine as bright as you
    I swear it’s true

    Hey there Delilah
    Don’t you worry about the distance
    I’m right there if you get lonely
    Give this song another listen
    Close your eyes
    Listen to my voice it’s my disguise
    I’m by your side

    Oh it’s what you do to me
    Oh it’s what you do to me
    Oh it’s what you do to me
    Oh it’s what you do to me
    What you do to me

    Hey there Delilah
    I know times are getting hard
    But just believe me girl
    Someday I’ll pay the bills with this guitar
    We’ll have it good
    We’ll have the life we knew we would
    My word is good

    Hey there Delila
    I’ve got so much left to say
    If every simple song I wrote to you
    Would take your breath away
    I’d write it all
    Even more in love with me you’d fall
    We’d have it all

    Oh it’s what you do to me
    Oh it’s what you do to me
    Oh it’s what you do to me
    Oh it’s what you do to me

    A thousand miles seems pretty far
    But they’ve got planes and trains and cars
    I’d walk to you if I had no other way
    Our friends would all make fun of us
    And we’ll just laugh along because we know
    That none of them have felt this way
    Delilah I can promise you
    That by the time we get through
    The world will never ever be the same
    And you’re to blame

    Hey there Delilah
    You be good and don’t you miss me
    Two more years and you’ll be done with school
    And I’ll be making history like I do
    You know it’s all because of you
    We can do whatever we want to
    Hey there Delilah here’s to you
    This ones for you

    Oh It’s what you do to me!
    Oh it’s what you do to me!
    Oh it’s what you do to me!
    Oh it’s what you do to me!
    Oh it’s what you do to me!
    What you do to me.

    Rhapsody: hmmm… i think you’re the one in love with the song huh… 😉

  6. I just wanted to brighten your day.

    I also just finished reading “The Reader”, a love story with a very sad ending, and I wanted to offset the residual emotion with something more uplifting.

    love stories shouldn’t always have sad endings.

    made me want to see(figuratively) Rhapsody’s Miss Bubbly Girl alter ego.

    Rhapsody: really appreciate you sharing it with me.. coz i never really know that there’s a story behind that song…. yeah i also want happy endings in love stories… like that movie Enchanted 😀

  7. …korak!! nanlumo din ako nung nabasa kong dead na sya! gosh, like ko pa mandin xa sa 10 hings i hate about you. sad, pero, that’s life!!:(

    Rhapsody: ako din lumong-lumo 😦 anyway wala na tayong magagawa dun… RIP na lang sa kanya 😦

  8. npaka sudden and talaga it gives shock on us and around the whole world.. syang tlga siya.. I love him on the movie Knight’s tale and the one with Mel Gibson’s films The Patriot.. hay.. sayang tlaga.. 😦

    Rhapsody: i love him din hehehe jan nga sa mga movie na yan…

  9. ay naku talaga namang kagulat-gulat at kagilagilalas ang balitang yan.. kabatch ko pala yang papa heath. 😉

    Rhapsody: huh! talaga? hindi halata sister. 😀

  10. parang ako lang yata hindi maka remember dito sa mamang ito 😦 kahit na, may his soul rest in peace

    Rhapsody: ganun ba… naku malamang hindi mo napapanood ang movies niya kaya di mo matandaan ang gwapong mukha niya… 😀

  11. I’m still heart-broken!! I just watched Casanova last night I’ve been wanting to but couldn’t find the time.

    You can always drop by to learn more new Malay words. Good luck with your fiancee!

    Rhapsody: oh another Heath Ledger lover hahah… yeah i felt really sad and disturbed upon learning what happened to him… anyway, that’s life…. 😦 yup i will drop by your site, am eager to learn that language. it’s also easier coz some words sounds like our tagalog language… terema kasi 😀 hope i spelled it right LoL!

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