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i’m glad you’re my friend!

the badgeThanks to Joan and Vera for this friendship badge. I never thought that in blogging you will be introduced with different people around the world. People you don’t know personally.

And… Eventually, these strangers will be your good friends. By just reading their thoughts and their life, you feel that you’ve known each other for quite a long time. We may not be the closest but I am really grateful that I got to know people like you.

And you BOTH considering me as a friend is really great!😀

Thanks again to you mga sis. Now I got to share this badge to Ate Kiwi (idol kita eh – ang bahay mo ang nag-inspire sa akin para gumawa ng blog), Idotmatrix, A, and Jojie.

10 thoughts on “i’m glad you’re my friend!

  1. I don’t remember now how I came to stumble upon your blog but that’s not important anymore. What’s more significant now is that it gave rise to this sincere phrase that is a candidate for “Understatement of the Year”:

    I’m glad I found you.

    Rhapsody: understatement? hmmmn…

  2. aaawww… thank you sister.😉 bukas naman talaga ang pintuan kong walang door knob sa pakikipagkaibigan. and i’m also glad that i have found a friend in you. *bighugs*

    Rhapsody: uuuuy ang sweet hahahahah… kaso walang door knob pano naman bubuksan un?😀

  3. I feel honored that you consider me your friend. Thank you. I don’t know what I did to deserve that but I hope I don’t tarnish that trust.

    Rhapsody: i sense that u are a good person… (or mali ba ako? heheheh kidding!)😀

  4. were you ever wrong about anything?

    Rhapsody: yeah… coz i used to trust people easily and believe in them.. then I’ll be the last one to know that I’ve been back stabbed by someone I treated as my trusted friend… ang cool noh😦

  5. but you weren’t wrong. they were.
    maybe you were wronged.

    Rhapsody: parang pareho lang din po yan eh… i was wrong for still believing that person even when some of our common friends are warning me… and for letting that person do such things to me… all the blames on me…

  6. aruykupuuuuuuu!!! hanube! ala kang sabi-sabi. buti pala at napabukas ako netong post mo na ito! nyahahahahaha!!! ang dami ko nang utang na mga ganire! pero tenchu! tenchu! tats naman akesh manay! beyket? maraming salamat naman po at kahit na isang abang yellow pad lang ang aking balay ay na-inspire ka pa rin na mag-blog. salamat. (‘day! paki-email mo ko ha?)

    hala.. ayusin ko na nga yang mga badge-badge na yan at kung anik-anik pa. pupukpukin na ako ng mga nagpapasa sa akin na mga ganire! pero tenchu talaga. mwaahhhhh!!!

    Rhapsody: hahaha walang sabi-sabi yang mga ganyan bahala na kung mabasa o hindi hehehe… oo kakainspire naman kasi ang mga kalokohan mo ateng hahaha… nakakaaliw sobra, wala din naman un sa design, nadadala ng content, o divah? okies… eemail po kita…😉

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