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I Won’t Ever Ever Ever Let You Go!

Got tagged by sis Vera. Instruction was to list down 3 things I won’t let go of. Not that tough! πŸ˜‰

I won’t ever let go of my Faith in God. Though at times trials come my way and question why do I need to face such difficulties, i still pray and keep my faith in Him that He would guide & help me at all times.

My FamilyHaNg on! & Bestfriends. They are truly hard to let go. Without them I won’t be happy in life. I may have all the material things I can afford to buy, but at the end of the day… family & bestfriend ko pa rin ang hahanapin ko. To share them everything. They are the only people I can trust and will love me kahit na away-awayin ko pa bestfren ko sila. i Luv my family. i Luv my bestfriend. Thanks for being with me kahit na I’m here, (dibale ilang buwan na lang hihi..) and for not getting tired listening to me especially sa mga kakulitan ko. πŸ˜‰

Finally, I can’t let go of someone who’s been there for me. Saw me cry and laugh. I was so shy then, though i’m not saying a word just staring at you & listening.. matiyaga ka.. that was almost 2 years ago. You even thought i was a little mute! Now i believe that I can fall in love to some one I thought I won’t ever like… Hahah! I can’t let go of… The One. TeeHee. ^_^ Matrix ang dating. Basta sayang! Sayang nga, siya na un. diba Dr. Joy? That’s why I’m tagging you! And also Trish, I wanna see the 3 things you both can’t ever let go.


5 thoughts on “I Won’t Ever Ever Ever Let You Go!

  1. thnx for doing sis…

    hmmm… na itriga ako dun sa “the one” cno kaya un?…hihihihi

    at heto pa… pahabol, may tagged and award ka ulit sakn…hahaha see my latest post πŸ™‚

    hows the weekend goes?…

    take care! happy sunday!

    Rhapsody: HeHeH… siya ung ‘the one’…! hahaha magulo ba?

  2. haaay… napakahirap mag-let go… kelangan ba talaga? haha… na-link pla kita… πŸ˜€

    Rhapsody: hehe obyus nga sa mga entries mo eh..! dami ka pa naman makikilala so don’t worry sa una lang yan masakit! πŸ˜‰

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