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my new cubicle

A Letter from the Management

Dear Staff:

Due to the projected increase workload in the coming months, the management has decided that it can no longer afford for you to take time out of your busy schedule and go to the restroom. Instead, to increase employee efficiency the company will shoulder the expense of remodelling your cubicle to accomodate restroom privileges. Thank you for your cooperation.

new office


14 thoughts on “my new cubicle

  1. Hi Rhapsody…di hindi mo po-problemahin araw-araw ang mag isip kung ano ang isusuot mo pagpasok…tapos…tipid pa sa sabon at mababawasan ang labahin mo…..

    Rhapsody: Actually sa office pa rin po yan eh.. un nga lang wala ng tayuan.

  2. akala ko pa naman ito ang sagot mo sa my workplace tag chovarloo. nyahahaha.. miss kita kafatid. nakalipat na nga pala ako. πŸ˜‰

    Rhapsody: πŸ˜€ pwede rin.. pero ang sagwa naman kung ito nga ang workplace.. masilip nga kung san ka na lumipat.

  3. hehehe pag ganyan ang cubile mo, pwede na rin kayng nakasalawal lang sa opisina? just to save time din sa pagbibihis at pag aayos ng sarili. mas efficient hehehe

    Rhapsody: pwede na din cguro nyahahaha

  4. did you know?
    someone in the philippines won the Nobel Peace Prize.
    this is written in the book:

    the Nobel Prizes 2
    by Marc Abrahams

    page 127

    Rhapsody: hmmm.. no idea.. but that’s great!

  5. I overlooked two letters in my previous comment about the Nobel Prize.
    the letter g and i
    or ig
    or Ig

    the name of the prize is:

    the Ig Nobel Peace Prize of 1993
    the book is: the Ig Nobel Prizes 2

    the citation:
    The Pepsi-Cola Co. of the Philippines supliers of sugary hopes and dreams, for sponsoring a contest to create a millionaire, and then announcing the wrong number, thereby inciting and uniting eight hundred thousand roitously expectant winners and bringing many warring factions together for the first time in their nations history.

    For uniting so many people in a single cause, the Pepsi-Cola Company of the Philippines won the 1993 Ig Nobel Peace Prize.

    Rhapsody: hmnn.. that’s why google keeps showing ‘Ig Nobel’ only.. hahaha! I remember that one I was just 13 at that time.

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