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An Appeal to OFWs

Just wanna share this forwarded email I got from my friend. Alam ko naman na marami-rami ring bloggers ang nasa iba’t ibang bansa at ang pagba-bloghop ay ginagawa ding libangan kapag tayo ay bored na bored na. Kaya naisipan kong i-share na lang ito.

This is in response of some OFW to this article posted in earlier this month.

Mga mahal na kabayan,

Its about time we cut and or stop for a while (a day or two) the sending of remittance. For those with only remittance as the source of family sustenance, like me, I will have to consider some ways to provide my family back home some remedies while we are not sending for a day (equivalent to one month pay) at least But we must all do it so that the result would be a tremendous set back on the dollar remittance in our country.

Another alternative would be for all participating OFWs not to send money on certain dates so that we can see how far we can do it. If it becomes successful then we will wage another “ no sending remittance” scheme again on a particular date.

For example : ( Kailangan po dito ay sabay-sabay na di magpapadala, para malaki ang puwersa, di maaaring isa-isa) Kailangan pangkalahatan ito, pero ating paghandaang mabuti para pamilya natin di umasa).

1. NOBODY will send remittance on Nov.1 – All Sainst Day. – Patayin din natin ang pagpadala sa Pinas. One day lang.

2. Next date : Bigger Group : Nov. 2, All Souls Day – Pataying din nating ang pagpadala sa araw ng mga multo este ng mga kaluluwa. One day lang to.

According to one of the money changer information, isang oras or dalawang oras lang na walang magpadala, malaking kababalaghan ang mangyayari sa money remittance system.


Yan lang po ang mungkahi ko. Magkaroon po sana tayo ng paninindigan upang sa bandang huli ay tayo rin ang makinabang.

Salamat po. Dick

actual illustration here


5 thoughts on “An Appeal to OFWs

  1. I think they should stretch it to a month and also make the phil govt. accountable to the $billions the OFWs contribute to the economy. At the end of the month they should demand what the govt. has done to :

    decrease crime
    improve the economy
    stop corruption
    improve choking traffic
    improve the educational system
    improve the quality of life of the citizens
    improve and provide medical care
    improve transportation
    stop landslides and deforestations
    stop killings and murders
    clean up rivers and other water routes
    stop pollution

    they should also demand that OFW awareness be included or taught in subjects like : humanities, history and literature so that when the students grow up and graduate to become so-called intellectuals, they won’t disparage OFWs out of ignorance.

    I’m sure there are other areas OFWs can demand improvements on, but as I am short on time in doing this, these are all I have at the moment.

  2. I think it’s time the OFWs have a representative in congress. They also should create strong and cohesive national and international organizations of OFWs with responsible leaders willing to lock horns with the phil government.

  3. and they (OFWs) don’t need platitudes and shallow words . you don’t need to call them “modern heroes” and then hold their families hostage with abject poverty and hopeless desperation.

    treat them as customers and show them what they get for their money. nothing abstract.

    when you’ve penned their stories in your history books, when students are reading their literature and reciting their poems, maybe then you can call them heroes.

    but when you treat them with apathy or outright callousness, they don’t to be further insulted with backhanded platitudes.

    Rhapsody: whew! what a long comment u have.. u are absolutely right in what u said. it’s like the least that the gov’t is doing is just to call OFWs modern heroes, perhaps thinking that they can win their heart while ‘backstabbing’ them.

    If we can see good changes then I don’t think that OFWs like me won’t ever think of demands and complains. I thought I’ve heard from a news back then that Filipino’s should hope for a peso appreciation if we want a rollback in prices, but I’m wondering why is it now that peso keeps rising yet prices and fares are continuously increasing as well. 😦

  4. Hi Rhapsody….nakatanggap din ako ng ganyang email kahapon…sunod-sunod pa nga eh……WOW parang isang makabayang panawagan na magkakaisa… magkakaisa na magpatiwakal….

    Rhapsody: tlaga po.. kumakalat na pala.. hehehe.. ayoko pa pong magpatiwakal.

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