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What a desperate thing to say

Watching this scene from the hit American television series ‘Desperate Housewives’ gets in to my nerves. It was a slap in the face for every Filipino medical practitioners all over the world & medical schools in the Philippines.

How come we have lots of nurses and doctors in every part of the world especially in the US? Perhaps it was because of the diploma mills from Recto they are referring to. Either way, it is still unacceptable coz a medical diploma from the Philippines doesn’t mean inefficient medical practitioners. Every scriptwriter should carefully study his facts & fictions before creating his own theories. It was maybe he believes from the news he have seen about the fake diploma thing in the Philippines but the fact should still be considered. He put at stake the reputation of medical schools and professionals. One important thing he should learn is not to generalize people.

Does the producers & scriptwriter of the show ever know that Lily Maniquiz-Lara, a Filipina has been named one of the Best Nurse Leaders of the United States by winning the 2006 Advance for Nurses Journal’s Best Nurse Leader award?


3 thoughts on “What a desperate thing to say

  1. Tama ka. The truth is that Filipinos in the medical profession here are held in high regard. There are plenty of places that have diploma mills in the world, including the US. The point, however is, you can’t PRACTICE medicine in the US with a diploma from a diploma mill. You have to pass the medical board exam first. Shrug. Oh well. it’s Hollywood doing what it does best. Stereotyping and tearing down minorities.

    Rhapsody: Nice to hear that Filipinos there in the medical field are respected. It’s just that the show didn’t thought much about it. They shouldn’t just drag a country’s name putting its reputation at stake. They could’ve omitted it in the script.

  2. people who watch crap like “Desperate Housewives” deserve what they get.

    Rhapsody: Hi! I am not actually a fan of ‘Desperate Housewives, I just saw this issue on the news. But still, that is not a nice thing to say for those who loves this series.

  3. are you referring to what I said or to what was said on the show?

    if you’re referring to what I said the let me rephrase and tone it down ( and please know that by no means I am showing any disrespect to your blog):

    The show Desperate Housewives insults everyone who watches it.

    Rhapsody Not that I’m thinking you’re disrespecting my blog LoLz :).. I was actually referring to what you said, coz although it hurts them to know that we’re insulted, it will just end there.. and choose to forget what was said & done in the show. Well, that’s just what i think… You’re also right in what you said, they simply insults everyone.

    Anyway, thanks for hopping in here!

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