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original entry totally deletedmodified: Oct 25 2007

i don’t wanna cause trouble to anyone who might read this.. or create an issue out of this entry.. i mean the entry that was written before in this space.

i bet that previous visitors have already read it so i thought it’s a good idea to just delete it. to those who just came across my blog and wonderin’ what this thing is all about.. i’ll give u a hint. it’s about people’s (& my own) view on relationship between a Pinay and a foreign guy. It also shows how the entry goes from the comment below.

i’ve been thinking for weeks what’s the best thing to do..

edit the contents? nah!

delete it? hmnnn…

It involves people I know and have tried not to mention their names in the entry (though obviously they would surely know that they’re my characters in my li’l story) but just a respect for them and their personal conviction, i made up my mind.. best thing is to delete it. ‘though i still posted it on the same date not even deleting one comment.


One thought on “untitled

  1. kanya-kanyang preference lang yan. wala namang kaso kung foreigner o hindi ang boyfriend o naging asawa ng isang tao. although mero talagang nag-aasawa ng foreigner for practical reasons at hindi lang mga pinay ang gumagawa nun, kahit ibang lahi. pero, sigurado naman na mahal na nila yun bago pinakasalan. mas marami nga yata na mas mahal sila ng foreigner kesa sa mahal nila yung foreigner. di ba parang mas maganda yun?


    “mas marami nga yata na mas mahal sila ng foreigner kesa sa mahal nila yung foreigner”

    as in sinabi mo pa! nakakainis lang isipin na ang kapwa natin Pinoy imbes na matuwa o maging masaya, binibigyan ng ibang kahulugan kahit na mali ang iniisip nila.

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