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Piece of Cake!!!


[Ung title – ayan narinig ko lang yan sa isang colleague ko. Pinaririnig lang namin sa mga kasama naming mabababaw ang pag-uutak!]

I am just bored to write yesterday, that’s why ngayon lang ulit ako mag-uupdate. We had fun at Hard Rock. Picture taking kami. Then there’s also an Australian band performing that night. I had rib-eyed steak and ice tea na ndi ko naman naubos kasi sa soup pa lang mejo nabusog na ‘ko. After the dinner, we decided na uwi na kami since MJ (finance manager) already asked our OfficeBoy (OB) to drop us (3 girls).

We waited for him (OB) pero mukhang abah nag-eenjoy sa pag-inom at billiards. My colleague called him up, but told her that we should wait for him til he finished playing billiards. We waited but it felt like hell waiting outside the Hard Rock coz it’s summer and humid is there. Ang lagkit na namin. I called him up and he said the same thing he said to my colleague. We kill the time by just taking more pictures.

By the way, we had the cake & drinks-in-can, since MJ told us to just take those foods home coz they all (staff) left after dinner – though the boys are upstairs playing billiards & drinking. One staff of Hard Rock which happens to be the sister of one of my colleague divided the cake into four – each of us having our portion of the cake. Since MJ told us to just take the cake with us and nobody would bring that cake to office and it’s also late.

Still, we waited for OB but we are losing patience and my colleague had also contacted her hubby to just pick us up. I, on the other hand, sent a message to MJ telling him about OB. To cut the long story short, we decided to ride with my colleague’s husband and he was scolded on the phone with MJ & our big boss.

The next day, we never thought that an issue will come out of that cake we took home. OB went to Hard Rock to get the cake, staff from Hard Rock are calling because of that. MJ just explained it to the big boss and ask my colleague to call Hard Rock and ask for apology. In the afternoon, one arrogant designer asked my colleagues about the cake & said that we’ve had enough, which makes us of course irritated. Kaya ayun nagkukuwentuhan kami about what happened, pinapatamaan siya. And the boys would talk in their language which we can’t understand, laughing and all. ang babaw tlga nila. We didn’t stop also until we got tired.

Problema kasi kay OB ndi nya ginagawa ung responsibilty nya, like to take charge of cleaning our mess in Hard Rock, i mean ung cakes & drinks, dapat inuna nya muna un pinasok nya sa kotse or binilin sa staff ng Hard Rock, instead inuna nya ung pagha-happy happy nya.

Hay naku. Kain na nga lang ako ng cake.


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